The Centum Family is committed to keeping our tenants and community safe in these trying times. It is our main focus to assist our doctors and office staff in the service of their clients and value the contributions and sacrifices they are making to serve our community. Since the onset of the pandemic we have taken steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate, wherever possible, the transmission of this virus.

We have increased janitorial cleaning in all common areas and within the individual suites as well as included hand sanitizing stations throughout our buildings to provide a safe and healthy environment disinfecting with the most powerful bacterial disinfectants they have access to. We have required all Centum staff and vendors to wear proper face protection when on any of our properties to ensure that we are able to keep the building running smoothly during this time and encourage our tenants and their clients to follow the appropriate CDC guidelines as well. 

Centum Health Properties - Full Service Real Estate Firm

Delivering the best possible care starts with a welcoming space that comforts patients and allows providers to work more effectively. Your built environment should be shaped by the flow of your day-to-day operations, not the other way around.

CHP’s patient-centered approach means we have two primary responsibilities to the providers we serve:

  1. To remove any obstacles that make it harder to deliver exceptional care
  2. To create and preserve facilities that allow your practice to thrive and grow

From first handshake to thriving practice, CHP handles every aspect of the leasing, design, construction, and management of your medical office. That full-scale integration means our projects are cohesive, not chaotic. We take financial and managerial responsibility, delivering a faster, smoother alternative to the fractured traditional model.

Building and operating thoughtfully around the needs of patients and providers: That’s what it means to work with Centum Health Properties.