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In concert with both private and public equity partners, Centum Health Properties (CHP) selectively engages in the acquisition and management of healthcare facilities. CHP specializes in helping hospitals and healthcare systems monetize their real estate holdings to bring capital to the system while simultaneously enhancing the provider’s ability to deliver care.

A smooth ownership transition, after the acquisition, is of utmost importance to CHP. To that end, our property management and leasing teams are always involved from the beginning of any acquisition. By having our functional teams work in unison we are able to ensure a seamless transition for the tenant, a capital infusion from their real estate holdings back to the hospital and an equal or improved building occupancy experience benefiting everyone involved.

Centum Health Properties understands how the income stream, associated with healthcare provider leases, drives nearly all the value in healthcare real estate. As such, the dedicated professionals at Centum Health Properties have perfected our “first hand shake to stabilized occupancy promise” that carefully guides physicians the process of leasing, designing, coordinating the construction, occupying and practicing in our healthcare real estate spaces. Further, Centum Health Properties focuses a great deal of time and energy to ensure appropriate and complementary healthcare tenant mix in our buildings. Taking this extra step helps ensure both that our tenants are successful and can meet their lease obligations but also begins to anchor tenants to each other and the building to help maintain their business and referral patterns.