Centum Health Properties Inc., (“CHP”) an equal opportunity employer, is a full-service, progressive healthcare real estate company with a flexible and integrated work environment. Our company culture is grounded on being a high performing, effective and accountable team while having fun throughout the process. Comprised of self-motivated achievers who are always willing to jump in, lend a hand, and learn something new, our team continually strives to beat our projects’ objectives. Each team member is responsible for managing both their professional and personal commitments in order to create a full and rich life. CHP has opportunities for advancement as the company grows and is a company that prefers to promote within.

CHP Employees

CHP employees are passionate about what they do. They are always looking for ways to improve the process and want their voice to be heard. They want to make a difference in the company and help it grow and thrive for their team. The career path you have tomorrow may not be the same as the one you have today.  This creates new, exciting and challenging opportunities throughout your career at CHP.  If this sounds like you, you may just be the right fit.

We are always looking for new talent to join our team.  If you are interested in working with our dynamic team and in a fast-paced work environment, please share your resume and connect with Virginia Hartmere, Chief Operating Officer.  


Our ability to laugh with coworkers and find joy in what we do every day allows us to authentically connect with our customers and thrive under pressure. Everything is easier and more rewarding when it is fun, so make laughter and smiles contagious.


All employees take ownership of providing outstanding real estate and enhancing the patient and provider experience in all that we do. Finding answers to problems, owning good and bad outcomes and continually improving from lessons learned is what we do. Our strong team-based culture builds trust, eliminates micromanagement and propels our self-motivated team to excel.


The employees that make up the dynamic CHP team are driven to make things happen and always strive to do their best work. As a small, yet mighty team, we leverage our collective expertise and foster innovative thinking as we work to truly set CHP apart from our competitors and propel our customers to succeed. As experts in our field, we serve as consultants to our providers to produce excellent spaces.


Through a thoughtfully designed and streamlined process, our team is able to consistently provide a unique “CHP experience” to healthcare providers at every stage from first handshake to stabilized occupancy. We pride ourselves on our proactive and collaborative management style that values effective planning, team-based problem solving and the use of technology to produce outstanding results.