It is because of these core values that our company intrinsically appreciates diversity in thought, perspectives, and expertise.  We STRATEGICALLY get that every role is critical for our collective success and embrace core data and systems that help us work better.  Being AUTHENTIC helps everyone be heard – because we can all speak directly with kindness.  Different opinions expressed with thoughtfulness are easily heard especially when we come from the perspective of being CURIOUS.  Being CURIOUS about each other, how we all see things differently and how we can examine every part of our world to create environments that help people feel better gives us room to try new things, to fail, but to fail forward, collecting data and learning.  We are always looking for ways to improve the process and our customer’s experience by being open minded, critical thinkers who want to share new ideas. We challenge one another to be better while having fun with those we work with. Of course, we all need to be DRIVEN – focused, committed, and accountable – in order to reap the benefits of our other values, to keep trying even when things are not easy. It takes COURAGE to do what we do. We are challenging the industry norms through collaboration and communication. We believe the unbelievable.

Every single Centum employee must have and continuously foster these core values. We genuinely enjoy and are passionate about what we do and have fun together! People who view the world differently because they come from different places, have diverse backgrounds and unique experiences are critical to us finding new and better paths forward. 

Nearly all Centum compensation packages are aligned directly to the outcomes of the position and are significantly performance based.  Your results and success translate directly into your compensation equitably.   



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